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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can be both Managing Authority and Project Proponent depending on the nature of your projects and the ownership of the property.
Different carbon standards have different names for their carbon credits. For example, VERRA, being a carbon standard, uses the term Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) for their credits, while the CDM carbon standard uses Carbon Emissions Reductions (CERs), and so on. Although the Regulations may not explicitly mention every carbon standard, they encompass VERRA carbon credits as well.
Regulation No. 48.(1) of the Regulations states that “Any person engaged in carbon trading project before coming into operation of these Regulations shall be required to comply with the provisions of these Regulations after coming into operation of the regulations”. You are therefore required to register your projects and pay all the fees as per the Regulations.
No. All the carbon credits that will be sold after the environmental Management (Control and Management of Carbon Trading) Regulations 2022 became into force will be treated as prescribed in the Regulations.