Registration of Projects

S.No. Project name Sector Project Proponent Project Area Date of Application Status
1 REDD+ Project in South-Western Tanzania REDD+ – Avoided Unplanned Deforestation WCS and TFS South-Western Tanzania 24/01/2023 Under-review
2 Clean Cooking to Combat Climate Change in Tanzania Energy OffgridSun Ifakara and Malinyi 25/01/2023 Under-review
3 Wami Mbiki REDD+ Project REDD+ WILDLIFE WORKS CARBON LLC and TAWA Chalinze, Coastal Region 06/03/2023 Under-review
4 UpEnergy – Social and Climate Impact programme – Tanzania Energy UpEnergy Group and Sayari Safi LTD Tanzania 13/03/2023 Under-review