Exit strategy for the climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation programme (2009-2015)

Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation Programme (CCIAM 2009 – 2014) is one of the programmes that were developed to implement the Agreements in the letter of Intent of Collaboration between the United Republic of Tanzania and the Kingdom of Norway on Climate Change Partnership with a focus on reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation that was signed in Dar es Salaam on 21 st April 2008. The Programme was planned to come to an end in June 2014. However, following a Midterm Review that was conducted in May 2012, it became apparent that the Programme had a number of activities whose implementation had not been completed. In order to allow for effective completion of the identified activities, it was recommended, requested and later approved by the 5 th Programme Annual Meeting that the programme be allowed more time for implementation of outstanding activities under a no-cost extension for a period of 18-months. This period came to an end on 31 st December 2015.
The programme achievements are summed up as development of adequacy in national capacity to participate in climate change initiatives and address the effects and challenges of climate change with particular emphasis to the REDD+ initiatives. Specific areas of achievements include training of over 28 PhD and 69 MSc/MA students and five short-courses; build-up of data collected on climate change related parameters, estimation of emissions from deforestation and forest degradation from 21 Research projects
and 13 Strategic Interventions projects; establishment of programme Website (TaCCIRe); publication of 87 papers in International scientific journals; undertaking of four M & E exercises; Baseline and Impact
Assessment report; preparation of two books; development and validation of forest carbon monitoring and verification systems; some of which will be used as tools and instrument guidelines for operationalization of the National Carbon Monitoring Centre hosted at SUA in Morogoro.

CCIAM Exit Stategy full document, read here