Adelaida Tillya

Mrs Adelaida Tillya is an Environmetal Scientist working with the Tanzania Sustainable Poverty Alleviation (TASPA), a Non-Governmental Organization based in Tanzania Mainland with head office in Kibaha Pwani region. Prior to joining TASPA Mrs Tillya worked as Principal Environmental Management Officer, Vice President’s Office, Division of Environment for 20 years (1999 to 2019).

Adelaida was involved in the preparation of National Green House Gases Inventory and MRV system in 2018; preparation of Nationally Determined Contribution in 2019 which was later reviewed and submitted to UNFCCC Secretariat in 2021; and preparation of NAMA Support Project to Support Implementation of the BRT Sytem in Tanzania in 2018. Adelaida was also involved in peparation of number of studies including: An in-depth Assessment of Climate Change Vulnerabilities within Agriculture, Forest and Livestock sectors; and Establishment of Baseline on the Status of Mainstreaming Environment and Climate Change Adaptation in Key MDAs Sector Plans.

Adelaida holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Environmental Sciences from Makerere University Kampala Uganda; Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Dar es Salaam; and Certificate on Project Management from Aalborg Technical School, Denmark. She is a Registered Environmental Impact Assessment and Audit Expert.