NCMC Coordination

The NCMC establishment process is envisaged to take three years. The process will be divided in two phases, an inception phase preceding the main phase.

The three-person inception team is a temporary body that will allow for progress during the first months of the project until NCMC staffs are recruited. This inception team was appointed in December 2015 and comprise of:

Prof Eliakimu Zahabu: NCMC Team Coordinator (NCMC-TC) will have overall responsibility for coordinating activities during the inception period and delivering the expected outputs until the NCMC staff is in place.

Dr Belachew Gizachew Zeleke: Senior International Technical Advisor from Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) with relevant experience in REDD+ implementation, institutional development and capacity building.

Mr David Mapugilo: Administrative staff from the host institution was engaged to assist with administration, accounting and procurement.

The inception team will be overseen by the Host institution in collaboration with Director of Environment (DE) or their appointees, prior to appointment of the Advisory Committee of the NCMC.

During the implementation phase, the existing climate change institutional arrangement will also serve for REDD+ activities including NCMC. The National Climate Change Steering Committee (NCCSC) which handles all climate change related issues in Tanzania will serve as a decision making body for the national REDD+ scheme and general overseer for the implementation of NCMC. Technical issues will be handled by the National Climate Change Technical Committee (NCCTC). NCMC will be linked to NCCTC through the Advisory Committee of the NCMC (AC-NCMC).

The NCMC permanent positions during the implementation phase will be:

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