Carbon Offset: What is it?

It refers to a credit that a person or organization purchases to make up for its carbon footprint or emissions.

Typically, one carbon offset equals one ton of CO2 that has been decreased or removed. Therefore, carbon offsetting entails giving money to a project that can cut emissions.

Companies that take CO2 out of the atmosphere create carbon offsets. The companies that emit (or have emit) CO2 into the air are then purchased the offsets.

Although it’s not always done, money made from the sale of carbon offsets is frequently placed into green initiatives like the development of green computer technologies.

In a broader sense, carbon offsetting refers to any reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to balance emissions from other sources. Credits for carbon offsets

A carbon offset credit represents a reduction in CO2 emissions of one metric ton. The goal of carbon offsetting is to reduce all or a portion of one’s carbon footprint.


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