CIX launches carbon market Intel service

Climate Impact X (CIX), a leading global provider of solutions for carbon markets, is gearing up to introduce a groundbreaking service called CIX Intelligence. This initiative is designed to revolutionize the way information flows within the voluntary carbon market (VCM). At its core, CIX Intelligence aims to address the critical issue of informational asymmetry by providing disaggregated trade data.

One of the primary challenges faced by participants in the voluntary carbon market is the lack of comprehensive and transparent data. This informational gap often leads to uncertainty and inefficiencies in decision-making processes, hindering market growth and effectiveness. By offering detailed, disaggregated trade data through CIX Intelligence, Climate Impact X seeks to empower market participants with the insights they need to make well-informed decisions.

The launch of CIX Intelligence represents a significant step forward in enhancing market transparency and integrity. With access to granular data on carbon transactions, buyers, sellers, and market dynamics, stakeholders can better assess risks, identify opportunities, and optimize their carbon strategies. Moreover, increased transparency fosters trust and confidence among market participants, ultimately driving broader adoption of carbon offsetting and emission reduction initiatives.

Through leveraging advanced analytics and cutting-edge technology, CIX Intelligence promises to be a game-changer in the voluntary carbon market landscape. It aims to not only improve the efficiency of carbon trading but also contribute to the overall sustainability goals by facilitating informed decision-making and fostering a more transparent marketplace. As Climate Impact X prepares to roll out this innovative service in the coming months, anticipation is high within the industry for the positive impact it is poised to deliver.

The launch, the provider says, builds on the success of its popular daily carbon market report CIX Carbon Daily, which has drawn a global subscriber base of over 600 companies since its release last year.

The new service will offer exclusive access to a ground-breaking trade database, which aims to provide a new level of visibility into trading, price and liquidity patterns, and help to unlock better understanding of credit type- and project-specific price dynamics.

The database will comprise several thousand project- or contract-specific transactional data points across the VCM. This repository of historical disaggregated records will include bid, offer and trade data reported by market participants as well as proprietary data from the company’s trading venues, making it, the company argues, an ideal and powerful new tool for carbon traders, commercial managers and analysts.

The service also includes the company’s growing suite of on-screen-driven price benchmarks, which are built on global best practices and underpinned by trading activity during CIX Exchange’s signature time-bound pricing sessions. These daily or weekly liquidity windows concentrate trading activity for different segments of the VCM and generate high-quality data points, resulting in sharper, market-driven prices.

“Pricing in the VCM is both opaque and uniquely complex, hindering market efficiency and fairness,” adds Julien Hall, the company’s pricing director. “By lifting the veil and providing the market with a database of actual disaggregated trade data, we hope to contribute to a reduction in market-wide information asymmetry and equip market participants with foundational new tools to power their analytics.”

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