Spinnaker capital invests strategically in carbon finance firm respira

Spinnaker Capital, a prominent London-based investment management firm specializing in emerging markets, has recently executed a strategic investment in the field of carbon finance by partnering with Respira International. This investment collaboration includes the participation of existing investor Capricorn Investment Group, as disclosed in a company statement released at the close of the previous year.

The decision to invest strategically in Respira aligns seamlessly with Spinnaker Capital’s steadfast commitment to environmental initiatives and strategically positions the firm to capitalize on opportunities within the carbon finance sector. Notably, this move extends Respira International’s reach into crucial emerging markets, with a particular emphasis on Brazil, where Spinnaker Capital maintains a physical presence.

The investment infusion is expected to empower Respira International by providing increased access to funds, specifically enhancing its capacity to undertake new deals and onboard major corporations and financial institutions. The collaboration leverages Spinnaker Capital’s financial expertise and Respira’s innovative carbon finance strategies, anticipating future synergies and expanded market opportunities.

Respira operates with a distinctive offtake and profit-sharing model, reinvesting profits back into project stakeholders. Through the issuance of high-quality carbon credits, the company enables corporations and financial institutions to actively mitigate their environmental impact. Respira directs private capital towards climate solutions while fostering enduring relationships with trusted carbon project developers.

Alexis Habib, the founding principal of Spinnaker Capital, underscored the environmental and community benefits inherent in these projects, particularly in emerging markets. Speaking about the investment and its implications for the voluntary carbon markets, Habib emphasized the opportunity for Spinnaker Capital to apply its expertise to contribute to and benefit from the ongoing evolution of this market.

Ana Haurie, Co-founder and CEO of Respira, highlighted the pivotal role of scaling the carbon credit market in achieving global net-zero ambitions. Anticipating the transformative impact of Spinnaker Capital’s investment, Haurie emphasized that this collaboration would enable Respira to extend its reach to more corporate institutions, empowering them with the influence and financial prowess to deploy rapid and scalable solutions, thereby supporting broader efforts to decarbonize and combat climate change.

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