Day 2 of the Workshop on Developing NDC – MRV System for Increased Transparency and Climate Action Monitoring in Tanzania

On Tuesday, March 28, 2023, the workshop on Developing NDC – MRV system for increased transparency and climate action monitoring in Tanzania continued with another day of engaging activities. Members of GHG continued to participate in the workshop, which started yesterday.

Dr. Deo Shirima presented the Requirements of an MRV framework and MRV approach & architecture in great detail to GHG members. After the presentation, the members asked questions, and Dr. Shirima successfully responded to them.

The workshop participants engaged in Group discussions per their sector on various topics, including areas of complementary/synergy/gaps/overlaps in the MRV work and proposed recommendations for enhanced coordination of MRV work in Tanzania. They also reviewed the NDC to identify areas for which MRV is required, based on their mitigation, adaptation, and climate finance. They reviewed and analyzed existing mechanisms/frameworks for the collection and management of all data relevant to the development of a national climate change MRV system.

The participants provided technical guidance on the design of a national MRV System to support the tracking of GHG emissions, the impact of mitigation and adaptation actions, and climate finance flows that collectively contribute to the pursuit of communicated NDC targets. They also reviewed previous GHG MRV systems and GHG and National Communication reports to identify how data (e.g. mitigation, adaptation, climate finance) were generated for these reports and provided recommendations on the policy, legal and institutional frameworks necessary for the development and implementation of the MRV system, as well as the supporting coordination mechanisms, based on international best practices.

The final activity for the day was Groups presentations and discussions, where they presented the output in their group discussions based on Data types, processes, institutions, and management protocols for tracking of GHG emissions, NDC targets, as well as enhancing transparency.

The event is being hosted by the National Carbon Monitoring Centre (NCMC), at Sokoine University of Agriculture, Morogoro. The workshop will continue tomorrow with other activities, including the presentation of the MRV portal, which is currently in development.

In conclusion, the workshop on Developing NDC – MRV system for increased transparency and climate action monitoring in Tanzania has been highly informative and engaging. It has brought together experts from different sectors to discuss and provide recommendations for the development and implementation of an effective MRV system that can track and report on Tanzania’s progress toward meeting its NDC targets.

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