Requirement to register a carbon trading project

Carbon Tanzania projects should meet two (2) requirements in order to operate.

The requirements are:

  • A person shall not operate a carbon trading project that has not been registered with the Registrar; and
  • For the project to be registered with the Registrar, it needs to have the following elements:
    • obtain a letter of consent and participation of partners engaged in the project;
    • have clearance of ownership of the property involved in the project;
    • involve the local communities in the implementation of the project;
    • disclose relevant project information including costs incurred, verified emission reductions and estimated revenues;
    • indicate expected employment creation to the national experts and local communities;
    • indicate commitment to corporate social responsibility;
    • adhere to national priority carbon trading sectors;
    • be in line with national policies laws and strategies;
    • show how the project will contribute to the Nationally Determined Contributions;
    • adhere to transparency and fairness in business; and
    • adhere to national investment priorities, ecological, social, cultural and economic safeguards.