Carbon Investment Opportunities Discussion

Over 250 participants are anticipated to join the Nature-based Solutions (NBS) conference scheduled for November 16 this year. The primary focus of the conference is to delve into investment opportunities within the carbon sector and to increase awareness about the carbon market among stakeholders. The event, organized by a collaborative committee including representatives from the Vice President’s Office, Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism, Africa Carbon Agency, ADAP, AxessImpact, Carbon Tanzania, National Carbon Monitoring Centre, and ADIS, aims to attract participants from Tanzania and beyond.

Yves Hausser, Head of Operation for the Association for the Development of Protected Areas (ADAP), emphasized that the conference will not only address investment opportunities but also play a crucial role in tackling the challenges posed by global climate change. He highlighted the lack of understanding among many individuals interested in carbon credits, emphasizing the importance of enhancing stakeholders’ comprehension of the carbon credit system. The conference is seen as the initial step in raising awareness and facilitating a better understanding of this intricate process.

Cosmas Tungaraza, Operations Manager for Africa Carbon Agency (ACA), outlined the broader goals of the conference. Besides informing key players in both the public and private sectors about the potential of developing carbon markets, the conference aims to shed light on impact certification and discuss topics such as effective carbon project development for communities. This includes examining collaborations between various stakeholders and scrutinizing how funds generated from carbon markets can be utilized at the local level for development purposes.

Key sessions during the conference will explore topics like the legal framework of carbon trading in Tanzania and how governments can leverage natural resource management within carbon markets. With a comprehensive agenda, the conference serves as a vital platform for fostering knowledge exchange, collaboration, and understanding in the evolving landscape of carbon investments.

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