March 17, 2023


Global stakeholders are witnessing the effects of climate change — a phenomenon that caused hundreds of billions in economic damages in 2022, ranging from Pakistan’s floods to Europe’s wildfires to California’s droughts. Altogether, 29 events wreaked havoc, including Hurricane Ian, which cost $20 billion. The corporate world recognizes the problem, with thousands of businesses setting net-zero targets....
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Virginia Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry, GreenTrees Plant Seedlings to Launch Virginia’s First Reforestation Project for Generating Carbon Credits. GreenTrees will plant 60,000 trees on 95 total acres in Fauquier and Shenandoah Counties to jump start Virginia’s participation in fast-growing environmental markets for combating climate change THE PLAINS, Va., March 17, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Forestry leaders from the Commonwealth of Virginia government and representatives of GreenTrees,...
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