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Carbon Trade Exchange Renews Partnership with UNFCCC CDM - Tanzania National Carbon Monitoring Centre (NCMC) | Carbon Tanzania | Sokoine University of Agriculture |

Carbon Trade Exchange Renews Partnership with UNFCCC CDM

For over 15 years, Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX) has navigated the fluctuations of the Voluntary Carbon Markets, enduring market highs, the Global Financial Crisis, and pandemic-related disruptions. In October 2023, the market reportedly hit a low point, and CTX CEO Wayne Sharpe anticipates a robust rebound.

CTX initiated negotiations in 2013 to establish a partnership with the UNFCCC CDM Registry. In 2017, after years of collaboration, the partnership became active, reshaping the global Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM). CTX has since pioneered the world’s first Carbon Credit program, the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) – Certified Emission Reductions, offering the highest quality offsets globally to companies and brokers. The UNFCCC CDM remains the leading credit standard and the benchmark for others.

This partnership has facilitated the flow of millions of dollars in additional Climate Finance to projects worldwide that were progressively excluded from regulated markets, such as the EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS). While some projects have transitioned credits to other voluntary programs, CDM credits remain highly regarded and sell at premium prices on CTX. The CDM continues to set the standard for Project and Program Methodologies, serving as the foundation for various credit standards globally.

Recent sparks of positive activity on CTX, after a period of negativity fueled by certain media and trading platforms, seem to be evolving into a robust recovery leading up to December. Wayne Sharpe expressed pride in extending the agreement with the UNFCCC CDM Registry, emphasizing CTX’s commitment to supporting the registry and the CDM program, as well as any future iterations.

It’s noteworthy that the technology and interface for CTX are developed and delivered by Global Environmental Markets, the parent company based in Australia.

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