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Simplifying Regulatory Barriers in Carbon Markets - Tanzania National Carbon Monitoring Centre (NCMC) | Carbon Tanzania | Sokoine University of Agriculture |

Simplifying Regulatory Barriers in Carbon Markets

In the face of an escalating climate crisis marked by record-breaking summer temperatures, it’s evident that we are in the midst of a climate emergency. However, the pace of climate action within carbon markets is not keeping up with the urgency of the situation. To ensure that carbon markets effectively direct financing toward tangible projects and deliver on their climate action objectives, we must prioritize greater integrity and transparency.

The encouraging news is that we have the opportunity to effect these changes if we are willing to adopt a more practical and scalable mindset across the climate ecosystem, fostering innovative solutions.

Recognizing the Value of Enhancing Carbon Markets The year began with renewed scrutiny and criticism of voluntary carbon markets, causing many companies to lose confidence. For the first time in seven years, the market witnessed a contraction, with companies reducing their use of carbon credits by 6% in just the first half of the year.

Effective carbon markets play a crucial role in achieving a net-zero transition. Despite their imperfections, they remain powerful tools for catalyzing climate finance on a large scale, particularly for projects with limited funding options, such as clean cooking. Dismissing carbon markets due to their imperfections and misuse would mean overlooking a significant potential for positive impact.

It is imperative to reform carbon markets and rethink the utilization of carbon credits across both voluntary and compliance markets. The foundation for these changes already exists and revolves around two key areas: enhancing integrity and transparency within the market and fostering swifter, collaborative solutions among key stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Leveraging Technology to Scale Carbon Markets Building trust in the market attracts more investment, which, in turn, allows climate action projects to scale. Trust is bolstered by reliable data from credible sources that ensure quality. Technology plays a pivotal role in this regard by enhancing accuracy, reducing errors, and ensuring timely data.

As the former CEO of The Gold Standard, a leading carbon standard organization, I recognized that third-party verification posed a significant bottleneck to the supply of high-quality credits and the expansion of the market with integrity. Since 2018, I have been championing the digitization of this process, firmly believing that digital technologies can enhance the accuracy and speed of climate impact verification, thereby enhancing trust. I have spent considerable effort advocating for the verification industry to invest in its digital transformation, an area that has lagged behind in adopting technology.

In 2023, there is growing consensus on the necessity of transitioning from conventional monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) to digital monitoring, reporting, and verification (D-MRV) systems to underpin future carbon markets. The focus has shifted from why D-MRV should happen to when. However, several non-technical barriers remain to make D-MRV a reality.

Fostering Collaboration to Enable D-MRV Recently, I engaged with other CEOs in the nature tech sector on my “How to Net Zero” podcast, and we agreed that our main obstacle is being ahead of the market. The technology exists, but we need our ecosystem and the market to adopt a different mindset and accelerate change to create a conducive environment.

Similar to carbon markets, technology alone cannot solve the challenges. To be effective, technology requires application and processes. International standards such as the Verra Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and the Gold Standard must revise their core requirements to accommodate the use of D-MRV. This entails adjusting monitoring methodologies and verification protocols to incorporate digitally monitored and reported data or rethinking project cycles to enable near-real-time issuance of carbon credits by decoupling GHG and non-GHG data monitoring, which is harder to digitize.

Collaboration is the linchpin to establishing the right environment. While working groups on D-MRV within organizations like Verra and Gold Standard are a positive step, greater collaboration between standards is needed. Historically, these standards have operated in isolation, yet there is substantial technical alignment among them. The future could be streamlined, with technical decision-makers from leading standards formally engaging with one another and the broader ecosystem to exchange knowledge, address challenges, and co-create solutions.

Seizing the Momentum We possess the knowledge and technology necessary to drive a genuine transition, but action is required to expedite progress. In the current climate emergency, we need a new operational model characterized by shorter release cycles, leaner development approaches, and a focus on rapid, iterative improvements.

We cannot afford to wait for perfection, which may never materialize. We must prioritize purposeful action based on the knowledge available today, while remaining open to advancements in science and technology. Acceleration is both necessary and achievable. We need pragmatic, action-oriented collaboration. Let us envision the climate as our primary stakeholder, demanding continual progress, short-term gains, and quarterly updates. The return on investment lies in the direct impact we make in halting global temperature increases and reducing the frequency of climate-induced natural disasters. Are we meeting these goals?

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